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Blazon:  Argent, Between a Compass Rose in Dexter and 2 Gouttes de Sangue in Sinister and 2 Fireman’s Axes saltirewise Proper in Base, a Chevron Brunatre. Atop the Shield, a Knight’s Helm affronte mantled Brunatre doubled Argent and from a Wreath of These Colours is set for a Crest, a Calvary Cross Or. Supporters, Peregrine Falcons combatant Proper. The Motto, Simul Nos Consequi Honorem (Together We Achieve Honor) to be carried on an Escroll beneath the Shield.


Simul Nos Consequi Honorem
(Latin: Together We Achieve Honor)

Other Notes:

ID: 1000312 – Canting arms as the primary tincture is Brown.

Heraldic Artwork Progression: