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Blazon: Sable, two chevronels bevilled argent and Or, a crescent in dexter chief Or, a lozenge in base argent. Crest: A bulls head couped affronte sable armed proper with lozenge on forehead argent and an arrow piercing through both eyes Or. Torse & Mantle: Sable doubled argent Badge: Crest upon a lozenge argent. Motto: Integritas Praeter Omnia English: Integrity First. Slogan/Cry: Latin: Excellentia Arcu. English: Excellence in Marksmanship.


Integritas Praeter Omnia
(Latin: Integrity First)


Excellentia Arcua
(Latin: Excellence in Marksmanship)

Other Notes:

ID: 1000354 – Reasoning: The crescent is from the crest of my college fraternity’s CoA, we are always supposed to strive to reach the unattainable crescent. Both of my degrees deal mainly with electronics hence the bevilled lines. The chevronells for my military service and they resemble mountains. I was in the 10th Mountain Division as well as the Colorado Air National Guard. I also own a gold placer mining claim, which is why the lower chevronel is gold, as in, under the snow capped mountain. The lozenge in base, as well as on the bulls head, represents my time as a First Sergeant. The arrow through the bull’s eyes is for my love of marksmanship competition. The black background because I like it, to me it gives a feeling like ‘Out of the darkness of my past’.

Heraldic Artwork Progression: