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Blazon: On an elaborate lozenge Vert, a horse courant Argent, crined, unguled and bridled Or on a chief Or, a book expanded Argent, garnished proper. Above the Escutcheon is placed her spouses wreath Or and Vert, and thereupon is set for crest a lion’s head Or. The Motto God Is My Rock, In Him I Trust to be carried on an escroll beneath the Lozenge.


God Is My Rock
In Him I Trust

Other Notes:

ID: 1000220 – Baroness Natalie Yegorova is the St. Catherine Herald of Arms of the Russian College of Heraldry. Registered by the American College of Heraldry #2585 The Augustan Society Inc. February 10, 2010 and the Russian College of Heraldry August 27th 2004.

Heraldic Artwork Progression: