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Blazon: Azure, a Chevron Sable between Justice Scales Or between Lions combatant in Chief and the Southern Cross Or in Base with the Knight of the Order of Wisdom and Learning suspended from the Shield. Atop the Shield, a Knight’s Helm affronte mantled Azure doubled Or and from a Wreath of the Colours is set for a Crest, a Rooster Or combed, beaked, wattled and legged Gules. For Supporters, Kangaroos combatant Proper and the Motto Tempus Est Socius (Latin: Time is a Companion) to be carried in an Esroll on a grassy mount set with Waratahs Proper.


Tempus Est Socius
(Latin: Time is a Companion)

Other Notes:

ID: 1000297

Heraldic Artwork Progression: