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Design Your Own Unique Coat of ArmsMy name is Michael Richards and I am the King of Arms and Chief Heraldic Artist at Assume Arms. If you want to design your own coat of arms, I'm sure you have a million questions. Great, ask me anything, you can send an email to or just pick up the phone and call 239-244-1278 if your question is more difficult. I return emails and calls promptly if you don't get me immediately.


"IIt is perfect and I am 100% satisfied with the result. I appreciate your patience and professionalism..."

- J. Farizo

Browse for a Coats of ArmsHow much does it cost and what exactly do I get for my money? First, if you just have questions, please call or email, I give out advice for free, the only time I charge is when you commission me to create your unique Coat of Arms.

For most individuals, the complete cost to design and render from scratch is only $99 USD. With that, you get all of the design consultation you need and 3 or 4 proofs before we finalize the design. Once finalized, you will recieve all of the master artwork in several digital formats you can easily post or share with friends and family, as well as the print ready files. You will also receive a wax stamped certificate with the final rendering via mail.

If you need something outside of that for a corporation or an orginization, the cost is closer to $300 because of the extra design work and proofs usually needed for approval. I am always willing to work within anyone's budget, just call and we'll talk.

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What You Will Receive from Assume Arms

Sample Coat of Arms Certificate of Assumption

This is a screen rendering of what the actual certificate looks like. The one you receive in the mail will have actual wax stamps and ribbons attached to it and is laser printed on high quality parchment paper suitable for framing. I can also hand letter and paint them on real sheep-skin vellum for an additional $500. Think of a vellum certificate as a custom, hand painted piece of artwork, becasue that is what it is and why it costs more.

Notes on Artistic License and Anti-Plagiarism:

All of my works have my name attached to them and as such I have considerable interest in making sure they are historically accurate and follow all of the best traditions of British heraldry. To that end, I have the final say about any item that I create and I do not take requests as to style. You will receive arms in my style, much as if you asked Bob Ross to paint you some trees, you would get "Happy Trees" in his style. You wouldn't go to Bob Ross and ask him to do some impressionistic trees now would you? So while I will honor a request like rotating a shield 20 degrees in the Germanic fashion, I do not do mantling from the Victorian period. My mantling is historically accurate and uniquely identifiable as being mine. I also do not cut and paste, so although I want, and in fact, sometimes need for you to send me pictures of a certain animal or plant, I will not be placing that specific file in the master file. I will be creating my impression of it. And as the actual shade of the Colours or the shape of the helm or shield are not defined in blazon, they too are at my discression, though I am happy to discuss your particular requests and see if it falls within the historically accurate context of what we are trying to do. I really want you to be happy first but in the end I have to sign off on it too. 400 years from now when someone sees your arms, I don't want them saying "What is that about?" or "What was that heraldic artist thinking?" What we create together will likely outlast either of us by many years, possibly hundreds of years, so I want to do it well.

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