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For those who don’t know the job that actually puts food on the table for me is Web Development. I wouldn’t call myself a programmer but damn close. I’m composing this post on my little Acer Spin 1 and it’s a great little machine but, as you might imagine, the quality of the components are kind of cheap, and as such, I lost the Enter key and Backspace key (nothing like the two most important keys) in what I shall refer to as a “Water Conflict.”

So I went around looking for something to remap a useless key, like say “CAPS LOCK” and change it to a new Enter key. I will tell you there is a great deal of software aimed at this task. After trial and error and 6 false starts, I found a winner by a company called ATNSOFT and the product is called, simply enough, Key Remapper. It is small, lightweight and a snap to use. Some of the others were prettier and most of the other ones have similar tasks they fulfill but are so “Over Interfaced” that it would take longer to learn how to use it that it would take to buy a new keyboard. Remember when Office added the Ribbon Bar? That’s what you get with most of the others. But Key Remapper is intuitive, dead simple and has a ton of other things it can do. My favorite is adding a block of repetitive text that you use all the time and map it to something like ALT+F1 or whatever. Literally, all I had to do was start the program, name the remap (although that is optional it’ll name it something sensible automatically) Click the key you want to map (it does mouse stuff too, which is super handy) then select what you really want the key to do. Done. You don’t even have to restart or log off to make the changes active like a lot of other programs and let me tell you that can add up to some time savings.

I know it’s not Heraldry related, but it helped me and it might help you…