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Got a coat of arms with no Blazon? If you said “What’s a blazon?” you are a good candidate for this product. Blazon is a written description of the arms in a very unique language that is a mix of old English, French, German and other languages and it is completely unique to heraldry.  Its syntax is so unique that a Herald could, just from reading the blazon, recreate an image of what the arms looked like including placement of charges and colors.  Here’s an example:

Or, between a Rose slipped and leaved and a Kraken, a Fess counter-embattled Vert, all Counter-Changed. Atop the Shield a Helm mantled Vert, Doubled Or and on a Wreath of these Colours is set for a Crest, a Falcon Proper. For Supporters (When Allowed), on either side, a Scorpion tergiant inverted Proper. The Motto, Strength Knows Its Weakness to be carried on an Escroll beneath the Shield.