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Assume Arms is 11 years old and I can hardly believe it. It has always been a labor of love for me so I decided I wanted some new features and capabilities. I also wanted an integrated place to blog and tie in the store so it is no longer going to an external site. I wanted the artwork to take center stage.

If you have previously registered arms here and can’t locate them, it’s because I had to redo all of the pages and I started with the arms we have designed first. I am back filling all of the individual arms where the armiger or another artist had emblazoned them. Shoot me an email @ if you don’t see yours, that will help me prioritize the updates. Either way I expect to have all of the previous arms on this site as well within a couple of weeks. I hope you enjoy the new, more visual layout as well as not having to leave the site to make a purchase.

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